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activation mail

of: Vigdis on 02/22/2016 11:03 AM

Dear all,

Recently some people that wanted to join my forum had problems with receiving an activaition mail.
They follow the registering procedure but never recived an activation mail. Obviously we asked them to check their spam but nothing is found there either. 
Last member that joined was about a month ago (26th of January). Since then about 5 people have this problem.

Also I have tried to resend mails activation mails manually in the Administration (Members not activated yet) panel. I even tried to delete them from it and then manually send it. But both times activation mails were not received.
When entering at first it says that the forum has sended the mails. Also resending them seems to be working, when just looking at the Admin Dashboard. However people do not receive these activation mails.

Any suugestions?