Page Restriction to Certain Usergroups


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Page Restriction to Certain Usergroups

of: Tameirra on 07/03/2017 09:08 AM

I am trying to make certain pages only accessible to certain usergroups without having to use the password protection feature. Is it the only way to allow certain members access to certain pages?

I was hoping it was a way to make certain pages viewable only to specific usergrroups.

Also if I pay for the downloads feature to allow members to download files that I add, can I set it to be available to specific usergroups or is it available to all members with no restrictions to only make it available to certain members without having to use the password protect feature.

From what I have learned the only way to block certain pages on the website with my content is by making it password protected.

What is the point of having usergroups if we cannot make certain information accessible to cettain usergroups?

Please give me more feedback on this.