Something really weird happened


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Something really weird happened

of: Megumi on 08/28/2017 02:40 AM

I clicked on the 'see all status messages' link en scrolled through it to check on what my members are posting, untill I came across one particular status message. It only said 'hello' but it was from a user named 'admin' and me and the other admin of the site aren't going by the username admin, so I was going to this persons profile to delete it, only to notice the user doesn't exist anymore. So I went to the admin log, but there is no log that the user got deleted. And when I search the name no user with the name 'admin' comes up. The user doesn't exist anymore, but  the status message still does (while, normally those status messages also got deleted when a user delete themselves.). Also I never got an email that this user made an account. It's like this person never made an account, but there is still this status message they posted. How is that possible?