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The Originals AU RP

of: TatianaPetrova on 09/30/2015 11:57 PM


The Originals AU

We are an AU roleplay website and community based on the hit CW show 'The Originals'. We keep many of the show's plots and characters but have altered some of the plotlines to incorporate the doppelganger that helped create the immortality spell, Tatia. Also due to the show's fewer cannon characters, we decided to bring back other characters with ties to the original family and who've had the potential to be featured on The Originals at some point in time. These elements will be combined with plotlines from the show to create the possibility for more drama, more excitement, and more action in roleplay.

We hope to give you the best of both worlds; both from the show and the characters that some of us missed seeing in the spinoff.  So if you think you can brave New Orleans, go ahead and join us! We don't bite much...


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