a question, and also note of thanks for yooco staff


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a question, and also note of thanks for yooco staff

of: admin on 04/28/2013 06:10 PM

sorry if am posting this on the wrong board,its very confusing as to where it will fit in!


yooco is completely responsible for making a long time wish come true.
am severely autistic and have LD [intelectual disability outside the UK],and for many years have wanted a social networking or forum site for those of us with LD,unfortunately there is only one for us; its great because its secure and their staff make sure with stopping frauds and people joining to troll,bully or take advantage of us, costs a anual subscription; those of us with this disability who live in residential or supported care do not have the money to be spending on subs.

have actualy been supported and backed with making the site a reality from the learning disability team from UK social services.

was just about to go begging people online to see if they coud help with sorting the basics of a social network out last week when came across yooco.....this is a absolute genious form of site building; especialy for those of us who do not have the capacity to manualy build,and it means we can all have control over our own site rather than relieing on someone else to do it.

staff from social services and also the local council are now getting involved with it,have had various offers of help,the council have even offered to add the website link to their own site even though they dont do advertising .

one good thing that has come out of it,is we are now in the middle of sorting out a funding grant for the site, we hope to get the pro package when the grant is sorted!

so,sorry for the corny post yooco,but just wanted to say thanks for offering this great service!!

have got a question also,will yooco ever be translating the parts of german to english,when english language is in use?
havent got a clue what some settings mean for example because its mixing german and english.