per month; incl. VAT

Plan: Premium

completely free of ads and earn money by running own ads.

10 GB Space

With our plan "Premium" you have 10 GB (more than 10.000 MB) of space available. The space is needed for the photos and files that your members can upload.

Your own .com Domain

The plan includes one domain (YourName.com) of your choice, that you can register without additional charge. The domain can be set as the main domain of your network, so that it will be shown in all Emails and also in the feature "Sites" (if used).

Featured network on Yooco.org

Your network will be promoted on the frontpage of www.yooco.org (in rotation with other networks) and shown highlighted in the area "Showcase". Of course you can also disable this feature if you don't want to be shown on Yooco.org.

Own content on all pages

With our plan "Premium" you can add widgets with own contents on all pages within your social network (except the admin area), instead of only on the frontpage and your own pages.

Removes banners and text link ads

After ordering the plan "Premium", all advertising banners will be removed from your websites.

Run your own ads

With the plan "Premium" you can (if you want) insert own ads (e.g. Google Adsense) in the admin area at "Manage Advertising". Your ads will then be displayed on fixed areas (on the top, left, right or in the content area) on all pages of your website. You can decide where your ads will be displayed.

Your ads can be displayed in the header, in the content-area (concentrical) or on the sides of your website (right and left).

There are several predefined formats available, as well as custom formats.